The farmer found difficult kittens


One day, bypassing their possessions, one Russian farmer found four tiny, helpless kittens in the barn. They were still very young and blind and without proper care they were destined to die, so the farmer decided to take them and care for them until they get on their feet.the-farmer-found-difficult-kittens-1

The farmer thought that picked up the kittens, but when they grew up, it was a surprise.the-farmer-found-difficult-kittens-2

Despite the fact that outwardly they looked like normal kittens of the domestic cat, yet they had some features of color, which has forced the farmer to contact a nearby Daursky reserve.the-farmer-found-difficult-kittens-3

There and determined that in fact it is the kittens of the Pallas cat is a wild forest cat. This species though not much bigger than a cat, but still has a more stocky body type and some characteristics.the-farmer-found-difficult-kittens-5

The reserve staff decided to take the kittens to themselves, where they found two adoptive mothers who adopted them as their own.
In the spring they were again released and has already successfully adapted to wild conditions.the-farmer-found-difficult-kittens-6

The kitten was like a lump of dirt

We found our sweetheart by accident. Returning home from work, saw
in the rain, almost under the wheels it’s a miracle… I Thought – what is this lump
dirt? Slowed down and here’s to you – the kitten sitting!the-kitten-was-like-a-lump-of-dirt-1the-kitten-was-like-a-lump-of-dirt-2

We Immediately took the kitten to the vet… where we were told (put him where you found him) – kitten has a huge kidney problems, hypothermia, breathing not so…
But these “vets” we have sent to hell, and now…


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