Pit Bull And Two Guinea Pigs Are Best Friends

According to the media pit bulls are savage and vicious killers who have no problem sinking their teeth into innocent children and animals whenever they get the chance.

But according to these two tiny guinea pigs pit bulls are straight up lovers, and make for great cuddle buddies.pit-bull-and-two-guinea-pigs-are-best-friends-1

When Kristy Gamayo adopted Moki the pit bull she was told to keep him away from her little guinea pigs Frida and Pandora, but the three unlikely friends immediately began bonding and have since become best friends:

‘The piggies are always crawling up to Moki – smelling her – and Moki in return licks them as she lies down with them.

‘To this day, Moki and the piggies cuddle together and Moki likes to give them kisses.’


Now Kristy has set up an Instagram account @piggiesandpitty so people around the world can bask in the glory of their crazy critter love!pit-bull-and-two-guinea-pigs-are-best-friends-3pit-bull-and-two-guinea-pigs-are-best-friends-4pit-bull-and-two-guinea-pigs-are-best-friends-5pit-bull-and-two-guinea-pigs-are-best-friends-6

Pitbull and kitten are friends

Touching and tender friendships can occur between representatives of different species of wildlife. Then it does not matter the body size or appearance. Even such eternal enemies, like cat and dog, can be hard to love each other.

Pit bull Bubba was taken from a shelter when he was only 3 months. His owner Rebecca lived with a neighbor who had kittens and the pit bull constantly take care of them. And now, 6 years later, Rebecca decided to make a long-awaited gift to your dog. So Bubba was kitten.pit-bull-and-kitten-are-friends




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