Touching story of one elephant

In the South African reserve Sanbona at the six-month baby elephant named Themba was killed the mother, other cows refused it… So he doesn’t die of starvation, the staff had to take him to the local hospital, where he unexpectedly befriended a sheep named Аlbert…


A wounded elephant himself came for help to the people

In Zimbabwe a wounded elephant himself came to the people to ask for their help. A story about an animal published by the Telegraph.

The elephant’s name is Ben, he came to the resort at the Bumi Hills Safari Lodge. The Manager noticed that Ben is limping heavily and is seriously injured. The elephant was shot by a poacher.

The vet was not there, he left for the weekend. However, Ben was lucky, for he agreed to cover a distance of about 322 km, to another specialist. The doctor was able to come to the aid of the animal after six hours. All this time the elephant was patiently waiting for his Savior.

After a veterinarian removed a bullet from Ben, he installed a tracking device that will report the state of his health.a-wounded-elephant-himself-came-for-help-to-the-people



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