Why do dogs eat earth

As strange as it would be, but we often hear that dogs will eat the earth and what to do about it? First of all, to understand the causes, which may be several:
– the usual attempts of a puppy to taste
– attracting attention (pay more care to your pet)
– the psychological factor. The dog may simply feel uncomfortable and thus, again, trying to attract attention.
– physiological factors. The lack of dog in the body of substances such as calcium and carbon, are forced to seek them elsewhere, including in the ground. In addition, the dog can nibble the walls, if we are talking solely about the lack of calcium.
Be mindful of your Pets!dogs-eat-earth

Husky Fabulous Dogs

Vladimir Polyanskiy from the city of Kirovsk (Russia, Murmansk region) are a happy owner of three huskies. Vladimir works on the Rover and regularly transports dogs by their nicknames Alaska, Blizzard and Shasta on nature in the company of other dogs of the same breed.

He takes pictures of dogs at the background of amazing scenery and says: “This is probably the only dog in the world that every weekend with the joy of passing up to 500 miles to look at a new place.” Vladimir says that dogs are not swayed and they are avid travelers, a whole week living in anticipation of the journey.husky-fabulous-dogs-1husky-fabulous-dogs-2husky-fabulous-dogs-3husky-fabulous-dogs-4husky-fabulous-dogs-5husky-fabulous-dogs-6husky-fabulous-dogs-7husky-fabulous-dogs-8

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