SWAN Saved a DUCK that choked on the Acorn

“In our pond there are ducks and swans. Everyone loves a beautiful photo of Romeo and Juliet (pair of swans). This autumn morning a Park employee was going to do these photos and witnessed the dramatic and incredible story. One of the swans helped the duck to swim to shore, clasping her neck with her beak. What these birds are smart!” – surprised the employee of the Park.swan-saved-a-duck-that-choked-on-the-acorn-1

Initially, Park officials thought the duck will not be able to save. But after lying for some time under a tree in an unconscious condition, the bird eventually came to.swan-saved-a-duck-that-choked-on-the-acorn-2

“On the banks of the duck got into the caring hands of the Park staff, from the throat of a bird extracted the acorn. Oklemavshis, she went back to the pond, to his “duck family”. As well, when everything is so good”, – said the representative of the Park.swan-saved-a-duck-that-choked-on-the-acorn-3swan-saved-a-duck-that-choked-on-the-acorn-4swan-saved-a-duck-that-choked-on-the-acorn-5

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