Stupid aquarium

Venue – the pet store. The division of aquariums. I see fish. Beauty. Suddenly discover view fish, who had been looking for my good friend. Immediately take a mobile phone. The conversation from my side:

Hey! I’m in the store fish. Here Molly-snowflakes are. You wanted them? And who are you? And how much? Then there’s black. Yes will work itself out. Let me now to buy and you in the evening? Agreed. Goodbye. In the evening he strays:

– Irene, you know I talked with you, and watch my colleagues with laughter at the tables fell. I said to him: what is it? And they even words can not say. Only laugh. Then when they calmed down – quoted part of the conversation, which they unilaterally heard:

Hey! Great! Want! Really want! Long time I want!!! I need girls! The two girls! Although, let’s three. No, only white. How much money? Good! At six in the evening run to you!stupaqua

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