Street cat found on the porch of the house, brought 7 furry lumps

These babies were saved by people who found their mom on the back porch, where she found refuge. They called the shelter, telling that they found a pregnant cat that lived on a small porch in the middle of winter. She already had 2 six-month kitten, for whom she cared, and she was expecting new ones, which could be born any day now.

7 little offspring! Fortunately, the shelter at that time was able to pick up the cat with one of the older kittens. The second was waiting for a new home. The shelter staff were anxiously expecting the birth of babies. When their mother, Lottie went into labor, they were there to ensure that all goes well.

With the birth of a half of the broods they found that most of the kittens had a tail. Four of them were born without a tail or with the “element” — they partially belonged to the breed Menks.street-cat-found-on-the-porch-of-the-house-brought-7-furry-lumps2



Catmother taught them and was with them every minute.street-cat-found-on-the-porch-of-the-house-brought-7-furry-lumps5

Kittensmenksy quickly found new owners; this applies to their older sister.
But the mother cat Lottie is still waiting for a new home!street-cat-found-on-the-porch-of-the-house-brought-7-furry-lumps7