The Story of the Leopard Bakari (15 photos)

In 2010, the year in the German Tierpark Nadermann appeared a leopard named Bakari. Newborn he was taken from his mother to use for various PR actions in which they may be photographed by anyone.the-story-of-the-leopard-bakari-15-photos-1

At two months of age he ceased to be suitable for this role, both externally and for security purposes, and the zoo decided that it no longer has a place. For most babies, this story ends in tiny cages in a mobile zoo. Bakari was a bit more lucky and he was in the animal shelter “Stichtung Pantera” in the Netherlands.the-story-of-the-leopard-bakari-15-photos-2

The psychological state of the animal, which was separated from mother in the beginning, left much to be desired, and in the shelter was unable to provide him with necessary conditions for rehabilitation.the-story-of-the-leopard-bakari-15-photos-3

The leopard held a small cage in a shelter for 3 years, before its staff have applied to the international organization “Four Paws”. Realizing that the conditions of detention of the animal do not meet even the initial requirements (he had nowhere to run and his cage was next to cages with lions, their natural enemies), they have to act.the-story-of-the-leopard-bakari-15-photos-4

First he built a new, larger aviary with shelters where the leopard was no where to run and jump. Bakari was coming alive, grew stronger, it began to Wake up hunting instincts. He became more confident and was not afraid to relax.the-story-of-the-leopard-bakari-15-photos-5

But all this was, of course, far from ideal: he needed even more space, to live close to natural habitat conditions. He was ready to change.the-story-of-the-leopard-bakari-15-photos-6

In the last few years the international organization “Four paws” animal transports, which can be moved, in a sanctuary Lionsrock in South Africa where the big cats can finally return to their natural habitat that they once did.the-story-of-the-leopard-bakari-15-photos-7

This month it is the turn of Bakari. For several months he was taught to go into the shipping crate so that it is not had to be temporarily put to sleep before the journey.the-story-of-the-leopard-bakari-15-photos-8

In early November he went on a trip to South Africa that survived. Bakari placed in a temporary enclosure, the size of which is many times larger than his previous cage. He happily gets used to his new home, lying on the grass, exploring the terrain.the-story-of-the-leopard-bakari-15-photos-9

His new habitat will be 100 times greater than it was at the shelter in Holland, and since leopards are solitary animals, only he will be in charge here.the-story-of-the-leopard-bakari-15-photos-10

In this reserve he will have a chance to lead a life suitable for leopards. In neighbouring cages as well live two of the leopard. All the people who helped the leopard, they hope that a new life Bakary like him.the-story-of-the-leopard-bakari-15-photos-11the-story-of-the-leopard-bakari-15-photos-12the-story-of-the-leopard-bakari-15-photos-13the-story-of-the-leopard-bakari-15-photos-14the-story-of-the-leopard-bakari-15-photos-15

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