Story about pigs alcoholics

It was in the year 80 of the last century. My wife and young daughter
lived with my mother. She had her own house on the outskirts of the city and
his farm .Was the farm the pigs in the shed. Here about them speech.

Maybe you do not know, but pigs, unlike other domestic animals can’t give anything with salt. They have this sickness until death. But it so happened that my wife accidentally threw in the food of pigs, waste from cleaning of very salty herring. Two pigs were already quite large, aged about seven months.

After eating food with salt pigs got sick. They have blue heels, curls ponytails fell down, they stopped to eat and drink. On a family Council we have decided to call the vet. I left work for the day. The following day closer to lunchtime, the vet comes — the man who came to the old open-top jeep, he for the wheel.

Go with him to the barn and on the way I tell about the symptoms of the pig disease. He inspected them, to measure temperature, and stunned me with a question – do YOU HAVE VODKA IN the HOUSE? Vodka in the house was, but I was embarrassed how he would drink because he’s driving?..

I run into the house, quickly cut the snack to a plate of bread , take a bottle vodka, a couple of stacks and all that stuff stand in the yard on the table under bushes of lilac. With good intentions asking the doctor to the table. See what the vet in disbelief, and then he as he began to laugh and couldn’t stop for about five minutes.

After he explained to me that all pigs are born ALCOHOLICS, and if you want to get a pig to eat pills or medicine in a basin of water and the diluted drug is simply added
vodka. Not drank and not eaten anything the day pigs ran to the basin. In the basin we have dissolved in water medication and a bottle of vodka.

The vet gave me pills and told me to give them another three or four days. He said that the need to gradually reduce pelvic amount of alcohol. If this is not done, the pigs will get used and nothing to eat without vodka will not. Here’s a story about pigs – alcoholics.story-about-pigs-alcoholics

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