Squirrel loves rags

A few days ago, walking with a dog in the park, watching a cool situation.
Four meters from the path someone handed and left a cardboard box with rags. I do not know what and why, but the cloth of this box protein spotted and quickly since the beginning of the pull, apparently, in his house.

But on the horizon appears a man with a sidecar that predatory gaze glancing around, assesses what would profit … At this time, our hard worker, grabbing another rag, ran to house. A man came to the box, examined it, but apparently decided not to delve into a public place and just put it on the carriage, and leisurely walked on. 

Squirrel is back and did not see his box. She looked around and noticed a man with a receding carriage, which was the same box. Letting out a scream unclear, or squeak or something else, squirrel rushed for a man. She caught up with the guy, he jumped on box, while continuing to squeal something on his squirrel language.

The guy turned around and saw squeal protein. Game daylight lasted about a minute. I do not know whether the man was a master squirrel tongue, or simply guessed that took not his own, but with a smile, he took a box with a wheelchair and placed on the side of the track, and he moved on about their business.

Squirrel moment snatched out of the box some cloth and instantly carried away, apparently to finish building his house.squirrel-loves-rags

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