Smiling Pit Bull Brinks

Not many dog breeds divide people into two camps, like pit bulls. But despite that, you love them or not, there is no doubt that the pit bull named Brinks will be difficult for you not to like it! Just look at that smile!
Once a homeless dog, wandering the streets of Brooklyn, one day met a man .
named John and his dog named Demo, and between the three of them immediately established good relations.

John picked up the dog, hoping to find his owner, but after a month of unsuccessful search for ads of missing dogs and placing ads found pit bull he realized that Brinks met him to stay with him forever.

Then the dog was only 11 months, but as you can see from the photos, it is even now, 12 years later, can not stop to enjoy this wonderful event, smiling everyone and everything!smiling-pit-bull-brinks-1smiling-pit-bull-brinks-2smiling-pit-bull-brinks-3smiling-pit-bull-brinks-4

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