Small dog found and adopted an abandoned kitten

In Anderson, South Carolina, inspector of stray animals officer Michelle Smith at the brook on the mound revealed an unusual couple. A small dog that licked the tiny kitten and nursed it with her milk.

The inspector arrived at the request of a local resident that two days in a row hear in this place the barking dog. The dog with the kitten was taken to the animal shelter and put in one cell, so as to separate them seemed inhuman. The dog took care of the baby as a mother to puppy.

Michelle Smith believes that the dog found this kitten at the brook, she went behind him down the embankment, possibly having heard as he meows, and get him up was not or could not.

This explains why they were in such an awkward position. The kitten probably someone just threw or wanted to drown. And maybe the dog was barking just to get people’s attention.

The dog was not a stray, she was well-fed and well-groomed, fashionably trimmed. It is possible that she ran away from home to rescue a kitten.

Now the dog is at the shelter waiting for expiration of a period of 14 days, which should be declared its owner. If nobody comes, a dog and cat put up for adoption into new families.small-dog-found-and-adopted-an-abandoned-kittensmall-dog-found-and-adopted-an-abandoned-kitten2small-dog-found-and-adopted-an-abandoned-kitten3small-dog-found-and-adopted-an-abandoned-kitten5

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