Small dog and big dog

  Recently, my friend told this story.
She has a huge dog, senbernar perfectly trained. Are they something to do with that dog on the street, and the path passes through a small garden, fenced. In the Park a woman was walking a small dog, like a Pomeranian. Mutt runs without a leash and the sight of senbernar, starts barking hysterically.

Well-mannered dog does not react. Small dog to go berserk and barking out already ten centimeters from the face of the big dog. That is clearly constrained by the last effort, but courageously continues to silently walk beside the hostess. Then insolent cur, choking from barking, biting senbernar for paw!

AND HERE IS THE PATIENCE OF THE DOG BURSTS. The dog rushes at the mutt, that from him, and the dog on a leash, like a water-skier behind boat, rides hostess. Public garden space is limited, so all three of them going around in circles, weaving between trees.

Finally, the owner of a dog cut in a tree, grabs his hands and all his strength holding the leash, trying to prevent a bloodbath and the hostess yells dogs:
– Rather, get your dog!!!
The woman slowly turns her head and calmly replied:
– Do not be afraid, she won’t bite…small-dog-and-big-dog

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