There are many legends related to the origin of the Siberian cat. Rather, it was an accident and it has been worked on by nature itself. So, to accurately know the origin of the Siberian cat is almost impossible. First of it is referred to around the 16th century.the-siberian-cat-is-a-queen-cat-5

Then the breed was called Bukhara.But still, the exact versions of the origin or the appearance of no. One theory says that this breed emerged during the development of Russian Siberia. The other connects the origin of cats with Central Asia and the Persian breed of cats. With the exact safe only says that Siberian cats big influence was rendered by wild cats of the Urals.the-siberian-cat-is-a-queen-cat-2

Frequent frosts and cold winds contributed to the fact that they have thick and long hair. With the help of a cats coat can easily cope with the cold weather and walked through the snow.the-siberian-cat-is-a-queen-cat-3

A century after the first mention of the breed, the Siberian merchants began to have Siberian cats, to those defending trade places various rodents. Even after a century, the Siberian breed has won prizes at exhibitions in the UK.the-siberian-cat-is-a-queen-cat-4

Officially, the cat was only registered in 1989. Initially, this type of cat was carried to Moscow, but then gave her another name, which was associated with the territory where they lived.the-siberian-cat-is-a-queen-cat-1

Since 1992, the Siberian cats admitted to WCF (World Cat Federation), and since 1997 they participate in all international exhibitions.the-siberian-cat-is-a-queen-cat-6

The Siberian cat breed is the most loyal friend to his master, it is good to the members of his family, and to all children. They do not carry aggression.the-siberian-cat-is-a-queen-cat-7

Strangers pass by, but not afraid of them. They converge well with other animals, but sometimes there are clashes, this is especially possible with the dogs. Siberian cat proud, but at the same time playful. They do not like too much affection and not fall under his feet at the wrong time.


The development of this cat is quite long, fully grow them to five years, when it has full mass. To care for the cat, but cats need combing regularly.the-siberian-cat-is-a-queen-cat-10the-siberian-cat-is-a-queen-cat-11

That’s such an interesting breed!the-siberian-cat-is-a-queen-cat-8

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