The first few weeks of her life, Eve did not complain about the fate. Although she was a complete failure: badly born, badly lost his mother and most unfortunate, she was hit by a car.

The accident destroyed her pelvis and the thigh and leg. But what was worse, she had no one to help. So broken I’ve spent a long time alone, suffering.she-voted-for-life11When employees of the Department of animal control in the County of Douglas (Georgia), finally found her, Eve still silent. “The decision was made to euthanize the dog,” says Jason Flatt, an founder of the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue. “The dog has suffered“.she-voted-for-life22 But before the decision was confirmed, Ive found the gift of speech. She weakly wagged his tail. And kissed the vet. Ive voted for life. The vet, Flatt explained the situation.Here cute little puppy, but we can’t anything for her to do.” He said that the salvation of Eve will be too expensive.

So he took the dog into New Hope Animal Hospital, from there she was taken to BluePearl Veterinary Partners. The invoice there were already $7,000.

Fortunately, Eve wanted to live. By that time her bones have healed yourself, she needed only to insert a metal plate to align the bone. The price dropped to $2,100. The baby has an operation early next month. While Eve is completely recovered, she will stay with a foster family where already made friends with her new brother.she-voted-for-life55

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