Scientists have proved the ability of dogs to help selflessly

Austrian scientists conducted an experiment that demonstrated that dogs are able to selflessly support each other.
“And dogs, and their wild relatives – wolves – exceptional ability to demonstrate complex social behavior. This was the basis for our search for Pro-social activity in these animals. Yes for thousands of years of domestication they were selected on the basis of social skills,” said one of the authors Friederike Rank, according to the University of veterinary medicine in Vienna.

The grade and her colleagues have tried not to exclude the person from their experiments: experimental pair of dogs communicated only with each other without supervision, sitting in neighbouring cages. One of them (“donor”) can push trough the muzzle so that the portion of food and went to a neighbor.

These feeders were arranged two: put in one treat, and the second was used as control and was left empty. Some time had to be spent on training subjects to how this system works. Besides, the dog-“the donor” repeatedly demonstrated that by sharing, in return, she gets nothing except the appreciation of a true friend.

That was enough: without any outside coercion, and knowing that the calculation for this charity there can be no experimental dogs-“donors” pleasure to send out a bird feeder in a nearby aviary.
“Dogs are really able to clean prosocial behavior in relation to each other,” said Grade.

It is noted that this behavior of dogs are much more likely to manifest in relation to familiar neighbors than to strangers completely, at the same time it further strengthened the friendly relationship between them.scientists-have-proved-the-ability-of-dogs-to-help-selflessly