Salvation Pudding

When the Pudding was thrown out in the rain on Christmas eve, his coat was so matted that he didn’t see (but felt) that it landed on the road and left….
Pudding found a passerby heading to work at 6:30 in Plymouth (England). The dog was tied up and thrown in the pouring rain. His coat was in such a terrible state that it was impossible to understand what breed is it.

Inspector Sarah Morris from the RSPCA was the first who came to the aid of the Pudding. “When I saw it for the first time, it was sad, but I am extremely angry that someone has slighted him, to get him on Christmas Eve,” Morris said in a press release. “He is soaking wet. I felt sorry for this poor little guy.”

The pudding was covered in fleas, he had long claws. Nobody cared about him for a long, long time, but on Christmas Eve he was able to feel safe.
Him examined by a vet, but after the dog cut the hair. It turned out that he’s a 6 or 7 year old cross between Shih Tzu. “The vet examined him and came to the conclusion that the dog was exhaustion,” said Morris. And the Pudding was not chip.

Because of hope and holiday cheer, Pudding was rescued from the pouring rain and placed in a warm, safe place to wait for love and a home of your own we are glad that the Pudding received shelter and care during the Christmas time!salvation-puddingsalvation-pudding2salvation-pudding3salvation-pudding5


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