History the Saluki is shrouded in the Sands of time, and Arabian deserts. Proud dog in his time was valued in the Arab countries is more expensive than a thoroughbred horse. This means that the cost is incredible for the common man of money and was available only to the elite.

Most dog trainers agree that it is the first home breed of dog. Most likely, the breed originated on the territory, which passed from Ancient Egypt on the Mediterranean coast and ended in Mesopotamia on the shores of the Persian Gulf. It was the most fertile land in the region.

Was breeding the most capable hunting dogs. Since poor people worked in the fields and pastures to feed their masters, the divorce occupied by those who could afford to go hunting. First hunted for food, but then it became elite entertainment, which immediately raised the price of the dog.

It is known that in 329 BC Alexander the great kept a Saluki and even took their Pets in their campaign to conquer India. The Arabs used the breed to herd the Gazelle, the fastest of all antelopes.

In the middle Ages and during the Renaissance the breed was interested in European monarchs. For example, the Duke of Saxony, Henry IV (1473-1541) is depicted in a fresco from your pet.

In 1840-ies of the breed came to England, which then set the tone in canine. The British developed an interest in middle Eastern breed, that coincided with the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, where it was also found the pictures of these dogs. To the credit of the British, they respected the peculiarities of the Saluki bred them in accordance with the rules adopted in the Arab countries.

In the twentieth century, the Federation has gradually recognized the Saluki as a separate breed, now monobreed exhibitions on all continents except Antarctica.saluki-one-love-for-life1




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