Rottweiler Rescued Pug that fell to the bottom of a Deep Well

50-pound giant smelled the smell of a tiny pug in distress. Little dog very scared of fireworks. In search of a safe place she accidentally fell to the bottom of a deep well from which to get out independently not could. There pug spent the next 10 days and could have died if he hadn’t found a Rottweiler.rottweiler-rescued-pug-fell-bottom-deep-well_2

A large dog named Bear was on a walk with his owners when he suddenly changed course and rushed to the well. How would the owners of a Rottweiler tried to take him out, he refused to budge. The owner of the Bear is a 48-year-old Nicola Jones. The woman heard that 10 days ago, not far from Bristol went missing pug named Olivia, but she never knew that she would have to deal with it.rottweiler-rescued-pug-fell-bottom-deep-well_1

“I was just walking by the fence, when the Bear stopped and stopped moving. In the end I had to climb over the fence behind the Bear and look down the well, over which he was standing. On the bottom of the well sat a small black pug. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I went down to the bottom of the well and pulled the dog,” said the woman.

The depth of the well was only 5 feet. It is not so much to humans, but enough for small pug. The only significant injury Olivia – eye damage, but she will see. Tired dog fell asleep on the couch at Nikola before she was visited by her owner.

rottweiler-rescued-pug-fell-bottom-deep-well_3Mistress Olivia was very grateful for saving his dog, but Nicola said that no Bear would never be found.rottweiler-rescued-pug-fell-bottom-deep-well_4

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