Rescue a malnourished dog

Meet this dog’s name is Angel and at the moment of salvation the California society for the protection of animals she weighed only 5 kg. Animal was so exhausted that he could not stand on the feet. The internal organs of the dog almost ceased to function, which meant the approach of death.rescue-a-malnourished-dogThe volunteers received a message about a dog, whose owner deliberately not fed and brought to such a state. Rescuers took angel and immediately started her treatment, although I was afraid that it was too late. All the volunteers rallied to help the dog to survive by surrounding her with love and care.rescue-a-malnourished-dog2And slowly but surely, Angel started to feel better. It took 5 weeks to put the dog on his feet, but, in the end, she gathered enough strength to take the first steps towards his new life
Angel now lives with his new family, and she has a brother whom she loves.rescue-a-malnourished-dog3

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