Pug and punishment

Training of dogs – one year old pug – mainly engaged in my 12-year-old daughter.
And he does it very well: for good behavior encourages and punishes for bad.

The most common punishment – “put in a corner.” And wait for permission to leave.
The dog in the corner is not necessary, and sitting, but does not leave without permission. “The highest measure” is: “A sneaker in the ass? “

Usually enough warning, because the dog does not like to get on the ass sneakers.
In fact, with such discipline the dog turns out very obedient and intelligent, but as they say everything happens.

So last night, I sit buried in a computer, dog somewhere around the house goes. I hear a thud three in a row. Pops up. And found a picture: an inverted stool uronennye the TV remote and the receiver, scattered bag of chips remains …

And the dog already in the corner !!! Independently stood there !!!
Eyes like a cat from Shrek, a little bit more and say a human voice: “Excuse me! I was under arrest. Enough! Penalty “in the ass sneaker” do not, please! “.

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