Pitbull Dominic

Puppy pitbull named Dominic was rescued by a vet in Eaton, Colorado. After a while, it became clear that the kid has an amazing gift – Dominic has a calming effect on all animals treated at the clinic.

During traversal in one of the houses Denver police found newborn puppies breed pit bull. Since in this state there is a ban on owning dogs of this breed in shelters, the puppys had to find at least a temporary home in another city.

Veterinary clinic Denkai Community Veterinary Clinic took the puppies into his care, and staffer Stephany Haswell, despite the fact that she has already lived three dogs, she took the two kids to themselves for a while, one of them was Dominic. Stephanie did not plan to get another pet, but Dominic immediately won the sympathy and love of home.

Doggy get along just fine with other dogs, he managed to befriend them. Stephanie began to take Dominic with her to work, so older dogs could take a break from his puppys games.pitbull-dominicOnce in the clinic the dog has just undergone surgery, was put on the litter Dominica. The pit bull immediately went to the dog and hugged her. At first Stephanie did not realize this, but later began to observe his behavior. All the time Dominic was conducted near four-legged, passing the post-operative period, he lay near them, put his head on them, hugging, and worse than the dog felt, the more time he was near. And found the gift of this puppy.pitbull-dominic2




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