Pit bull went through hell and survived…

If you saw this pitbull Cooper with children, I never would have guessed that he suffered, living with the former owner. Cooper is able to empathize because he has gone through hell and survived. In June 2014 he arrived to the veterinary clinic Thomasville, which is located in new York, with the torn off claws and fingers, ripped to the bone flesh on legs.pitbull-went-through-hell-and-survived1


Abuser Cooper, still not found, tied it to the back of the truck and dragged for a long distance.pitbull-went-through-hell-and-survived2

With the support of the shelter Davidson County in partnership with the Foundation, ginger Cooper spent five months in the ICU. Courtney O’neill, a nurse and a lawyer, hoping that the doctors will be able to save the life of Cooper.
In October, Courtney has made a 5hour drive to pick up Cooper at his home. The Foundation staff ginger cried, looking like a dog on his knees crawled into the car and sat there, as though realising that security.pitbull-went-through-hell-and-survived3

First, Cooper was humble, as is the case with victims of violence, but after about six months, his lively spirit was manifested. Once Courtney attended the local fitness center, when dozens of children ran out to greet the dog. Now him and Courtney can be found in the local library reading with children. He is a member of team KPETS therapy animals.pitbull-went-through-hell-and-survived4

Courtney recalls an occasion when Cooper rushed to greet the girl with Asperger’s syndrome. Cooper sat down next to her.pitbull-went-through-hell-and-survived5

The mother and the child was afraid of dogs, but the girl stepped closer to Cooper and stroked it, while Courtney was flipping through the book. Cooper, Courtney, the mother and the baby stayed for two hours, and when they got up to leave, the mother hugged Courtney as a token of gratitude.pitbull-went-through-hell-and-survived6

Cooper achieve exactly that, and Courtney knows it. Thanks Cooper, Courtney was able to assess their potential humanity. Humanity, she acknowledges, makes a lot of evil, but we also have a huge reserve of kindness and love.pitbull-went-through-hell-and-survived7

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