My neighbor went to take out the garbage and heard a squeak. Looked in tank and there was three tiny kitten. Blue eyes — just opened.

Pulled it, took it home. Was their from the nipple to feed, to nurse. On the first day like nothing was the kittens, and then started to ache.

Carried into the clinic. The doctor said bad colds. The injections did pills. A neighbor — not a rich man, because of the crisis lost their jobs. But the money for the kittens spared. Just nothing helped. Too long have they been out in the cold.

Someone threw it out because not needed. Someone picked up, because live.
And the man, and this man. But if creatures are a different breed.
Some people regret all that alive. Another difference: to throw away an old coat or unwanted kittens.

My girlfriend was strangled flowers. She transplants, watering, creates the conditions, and they are becoming more and more. The apartment is small, put flowers nowhere. I say get rid of it. No, she can’t. As said, I’ll throw it. They live.

The mother of another friend can’t get kefir mushroom. He was so complex that produces yogurt in industrial quantities. From it it is necessary to tear off a piece and leave — let produces three hundred grams a day. But what to do with the part of the fungus that is not needed? Maybe in the toilet?

What do you mean! In any case! He’s alive!
Living is something sacred. For some people. No other Holiness, do not feel. In the fall they leave at the cottage the dog because it barks and it is inconvenient in the city. And other people will regret taking yourself in a tiny apartment and will be worn with it to the end of life.

I don’t want to say that some people good and others bad. I want to say that the attitude of living things divides people into two camps. And wonder why some in the first camp, where the discarded kittens. And others in the second, where they pick up.

Responsible attitude to animals — not from the mind and not from beliefs. With him are born. Or it is, or not. If not — nothing is impossible to explain. Don’t even have to try. Better, on the contrary, to keep quiet.

People who throw kittens, considered reverent attitude to living a mental disorder. So people who pick up the kittens, hiding it as his weakness.
But there is a phrase that they are easy to identify. If a person says: “I don’t feel sorry for the people” — so he’s from the camp, where save the kittens.

People do not mind, because they are to blame for their misfortunes and can help ourselves. People have hands, brains, tools. They have rights and leverage. They can demand and seek. And animals and plants are unable to achieve. They are helpless. They even pill can’t swallow on their own, if you get sick.

If a person says that he is not sorry people — most likely he has four cats and three dogs, all picked up sick and miserable.
But if he will say that he was sorry people — you will hardly find him at home sick old ladies, whom he took pity.
This is the whole difference.people-do-not-mind



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