Parable of years

On the first day God created the cow and said to her:
– You will be more days in the field, to give milk to feed their calves and the family farmer. For this I give you a life of 60 years.
– What for to me such a hellish life for 60 years? “said the cow,” I’d be twenty, and others forty-keep it!;
And God agreed. On the second day God created the dog and said to her:
– You will sit at the gate of his house and bark at everybody who passes by. Give you a life long 20 years.
“Well, so much for barks – upset the dog,” I’d be ten years, and the rest get back.
God again agreed. And on the third day God created man and said to him:
– Eat, sleep, have fun and enjoy life, but the term is giving you 20 years.
The man protested:
What?! Only 20 years? You know what, God, I’ll take my 20 years, then 40 years that the cow gave you back, and even 10 years, which gave the dog. Seventy years is good enough for me, right?
– Well, have it your way, ” sighed God.

And so it happened that the first 20 years of life we sleep, eat and have fun, stick for the next 40 years to feed his family, and in the last 10 to sit on the porch and oblivium everyone who passes by.Parable-of-years

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