Pampean cat

In honor of this animal called the Mitsubishi Pajero. Meet the cat family, the genus “tiger cat”, type “pampean cat” (lat. Leopardus pajeros). For a long time it was believed that this small, carnivorous animal, whose size is only slightly dominate over the size of domestic cats, belong to a different category from the kind of tiger cats – Kolokolo (lat. Leopardus colocolo).pampean-cat

Only recently pampean cat has received the allocation in a separate kind – and all thanks to some individual differences in coat colour and specific features of the structure of the skull. However, some researchers have remained firm and in some sistematico pampean cat and the subspecies is listed Colocolo. With small amounts of herbal cats (as the name sounds these animals at home) looks pretty massive. The average weight of the pampean cats is 4 to 7 kg, the body length varies from 50 to 75 cm, a third of the size we have on a thick shaggy tail. Probably visual the increase is due to the wool is extremely thick and fluffy. The fur inhabitants of the pampas is not only density, but also long – in some specimens it reaches 7 cm in the region of the ridge, where it forms a kind of mane. The colour of wild cats is essentially dependent on specific habitats. The prevailing palette is all shades of brown, ranging from sandy tones to deep chocolate, almost black, scales.pampean-cat2







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