Orphaned fox got into a new family

Last year, Dinozzo was found in Germany next to his mother, who was murdered on the hunt. Fortunately, the young Fox rescued pair – Werner and Angelika Shming who know how to care for orphaned animals.

In addition to the cat and two pigs in the family Sming is Ziva – collie dog with undeniable maternal instinct. Ziva immediately took Dinozzo as his own child. Not for the first time it took an animal of another species.He added that while Dinozzo became a member of the family, he can live freely in the open air. The entrance door has a cat flap, suitable and for him to come and go as he pleases.

Despite the fact that most wild animals can’t be kept as Pets, it is a touching story of Ziva and Dinozzo proves how easily broken the boundaries in certain cases. Yeah, the Fox lost his mother, but he found the very best as her Deputy at the right time.orphaned-fox-got-into-a-new-family3orphaned-fox-got-into-a-new-familyorphaned-fox-got-into-a-new-family2











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