On the side of a busy street, the dog was lying motionless, looking sadly at one point…

The dog’s devotion has long been a byword. We know many stories about how dogs for many years patiently waiting for their owners or even save their lives, risking their skin. However, the fidelity of our four-legged friends never ceases to amaze.

Residents of the Chilean city of Concepcion witnessed a heartbreaking picture. On the side of a busy street the dog was lying motionless, looking sadly at one point. It turned out that thus the animal expressed his sorrow for his deceased owner whose body was lying next to…on-the-side-of-a-busy-street-the-dog-was-lying-motionless-looking-sadly-at-one-point

23-year-old Leonardo valdés went for a walk with my pet — a dog named Docks. Unfortunately, for a guy this walk was the last. He got hit by a car and died before arrival of physicians.

The police arrived at the scene, wanted to drive away the dog, so it does not interfere with their work. But the animal refused to leave his master. And only relatives of the deceased come to the rescue and managed to take the Docks with them.

During the funeral of a faithful dog also tried to be as close as possible to the body of his master, thus accompanying him on his last journey. Think four-legged friend was sad, even stronger than some of the relatives of the deceased…on-the-side-of-a-busy-street-the-dog-was-lying-motionless-looking-sadly-at-one-point2