Noble souls of animals

Me, as a veterinarian, was called to see a sick dog ten years. She was a real member of the family of the young couple and their 6 – year-old son. After the inspection, I told the family members that to do nothing is not possible and suggested to euthanize a terminally ill dog.

The couple decided to have their six year old son was present at this sad procedure. The next day, when all was ready, the boy patted the dog one last time and after a few minutes she died peacefully.

I was amazed at his calmness and wondered – does he understand what happened. After we sat and talked about why animals live shorter lives than humans.

And then the boy said quietly, “I know why. People are born to learn how to live well is to love and be good – right? – He continued. – Well, dogs already know how, so they do not require as much time”.noble-souls-of-animals

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