Newfoundland and kittens

  I had a dog Newfoundland breed, big, black, shaggy beast and the Siamese, they were the same age and from early childhood grew up together. The dog was wearing a cat like a puppy or a kitten by the scruff, but only until she became pregnant. As he understood it I do not know, probably some kind of bestial intuition. And now it’s time to give birth to a cat …

Well, she gave birth to kittens and decided that its role in this over. Cat transferred out of the box in which gave birth to all the kittens under the blanket to my parents, and she went to bask under a table lamp. Parents wake up from the squeak, so as not to crush the kittens carried them into the kitchen and put it in a box, after a while the father went to drink water and looking into the box found a kitten.

They were looking for is not long, I found them under a blanket entire brood, with my sleep, they did not interfere. We moved the kittens back to the kitchen to their mother-cuckoo, the door to my room was closed and with a clear conscience go to sleep. In the morning my mother again found no kittens on the spot, they found the dog at his side, it is not known how long they were there, but the dog until the kittens are not taken away from him did not move, like a statue reclining in an uncomfortable position.

And while the kittens did not give the new owners, before leaving for a walk each dog licking the kitten, he ran on street, quickly celebrated their needs and came right back, though usually
very reluctantly I went home and came first of all looked for all the head of all the kittens, as if believing in each nuzzle. If you are crawling on him one of the kittens asleep, lying motionless until he wakes up or taken away.

When taken the first kitten, cat and to search a little calmed down, the dog ran across apartment, looked in every corner, all kind of showing: Do not you see that the child is missing? And after all the other lambing he showed himself an exemplary father. Hence the phrase “cat and dog” for me is opposite to common sense.

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