Mystery of nature – Black-footed cat or “Tiger Ant”


A very mysterious animal, about which little is known is the black-footed cat. This cats lives only in a few places: Namibia, South Africa and other countries. This is one of the most mysterious and little-studied representatives of this family are carnivorous. So let’s have a little more detail read this kind of cats.mystery-of-nature-black-footed-cat-or-tiger-ant-1

Black-footed cat also called by another name – “the ant’s tiger”. And this is due to the fact that these cats prefer to live in a devastated termite mounds, burrows of aardvarks, porcupines or dolgonogov. Black-footed cats are tireless hunters.mystery-of-nature-black-footed-cat-or-tiger-ant-2

In one night, they are about ten miles in search of prey – small mammals, especially gerbils and shrews, and also birds, insects and reptiles. Every half-hour black-footed cat makes a jump for prey, and more than sixty percent of such jumps have a positive result.mystery-of-nature-black-footed-cat-or-tiger-ant-3

Night hunters

At first glance small, but still predators that use their unusual protective coloration that blends perfectly with the dark time of the day. All this helps the cat to hide from their enemies and to be noticed for his victim.

Also do not forget about their rather large ears, which took a rounded shape – this helps them to catch the slightest sounds. Plus, this black-footed cat has received a vascular layer located behind the retina, which functions as a reflector (night vision). Night eye Blackfeet burning blue.mystery-of-nature-black-footed-cat-or-tiger-ant-5

So, let’s get to the hunt. Despite its small size, black-footed cats manage to hunt black bustard and even a rabbit and many more (believe it or not, his diet consists of about 54 species). His tenacious claws are unlikely to let go of its prey if that they caught.mystery-of-nature-black-footed-cat-or-tiger-ant-4

The best time for hunting is night. Black-footed cats can look for their prey all night, and despite various weather conditions. Nature decreed that they have to survive in unreal situations, and it just delights! Like any desert animal, black-footed cats can be a long time to go without water, obtaining it solely from food absorbed.mystery-of-nature-black-footed-cat-or-tiger-ant-6

Interestingly, black-footed cats are very Thrifty animals. When their food is in abundance, they buried it in their hiding places (like proteins), and then, if necessary, return to them.
Interesting facts

I want to tell you one of the legends about black-footed cat, and a lot of them. In some tribes of Bushmen believe that a cat can kill a giraffe even. Of course, hardly it is possible to believe, but their aggressive nature begins to manifest in early childhood. For some words, there was a case when the 1.5-pound cat is a little over an hour was stalking the ostrich, weighing 8 pounds, sitting on a nest. When the cat got ready to jump, but the ostrich managed to escape.mystery-of-nature-black-footed-cat-or-tiger-ant-8

It is important

Black-footed cat is listed in the International Red book and the CITES Convention. Good news, the 2011th year by the Center for Research of endangered species (New Orleans), came to light very beautiful kittens black-footed cats, and this is indeed a unique case. It should be noted that black-footed cat is one of the smallest wild felines.mystery-of-nature-black-footed-cat-or-tiger-ant-9


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