My dog

One homeless man lived in France. Every day he begged alms in the same place. Despite his difficult situation, he always smiled, said Hello and wished a good day even those people who were just passing by.

The man had a dog. She never barks and sat quietly. Many people have said that the man was a fool, where even the dog, when he even can not feed themselves.
Today a man holding her dog as it was very cold.

I could not bear to look at it. On this day I thought about them every minute, and although I didn’t have much money, I decided for them to do something.
I bought two coffee and asked a man if I talk to him. He agreed. He wondered why I spoke to him.

“Every day I go to work, and all around everything seems sad and pathetic, but you. You are always smiling, despite all the difficulties in life. Every day you warm my heart. When I have a bad day or I don’t feel happy, I always tell myself that the street lives a man who seems much happier than me, although he doesn’t have anything”.

He stopped me and said, “I Have something that others do not appreciate – my dog.”my_dog

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