Martha. A story about love and devotion

I live out of town. Every morning I go to work in the city. At the station, me and the other people standing on the platform, observed the same picture. Suitable train, it rushes headlong towards the big black dog breed Newfoundland, and then sad with his head down, limping on the front legs, leaving. Heart just breaks with compassion for her.

One day driving to work later than usual. Came to the platform and again see how the dog ran to meet another train.

Phew! This time I saw that she finally found someone waiting. It was an elderly woman who works Stallman in the newsagent near the station.
Once decided to speak with the woman about the dog. She said that’s the dog’s name Martha and that this is not her dog, she just feeds her. And that while she’s working at the kiosk, next during the day time and Mar. Then told the sad story of Martha.

Story on behalf of kickers, let’s call her Tanya (sorry, the name I didn’t recognize her):
“March about 5 years. 2 years ago, Martha still lived in his house, not far from the station with the mistress and with his friend cat named Vaska. And, as it happens, the owner – an old grandma, died. Came distant relatives, sold the apartment – the cat in the basement, the dog on the street.

But Martha was not agree, and every day she rushed home with the barking until one day the new owner didn’t beat her half to death and break the front legs.

Compassionate neighbors moved the dog to a safe place, out. But the bones had healed properly and since March is lame.

Mar apparently resigned to the fact that this apartment is not her already and the hostess was off somewhere and threw on the fate of her together with johnny. And now she lives somewhere, but every morning greets me. I live nearby, just one stop from your train station can be reached on foot. But I prefer to travel by train.

I’m trying to take Marta to yourself at least for the weekend, so she did not run me on the weekend to meet. But she spent the night I returned here to their former place of residence, next to his house.
Don’t know what to do with it, it would have taken forever, but here it pulls. She has made friends with a few homeless here and people many know, try to feed, pet. But the main reason I think she’s still waiting for his owner.”

After talking with Tanya, massaging behind the ear, the Martha I went home. And I was sad that Martha lost the mistress, but I was glad that she at least is Tanya.
PS: Recently learned that Tanya had resigned that March she took. This told me the woman from the next stall.

That’s the simple story behind dry lines of which love, loyalty, tragedy, pain, fear of loss and the hope for better.martha-a-story-about-love-and-devotion

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