Magpie and dog

Played with my son in badminton. The flight birdies carefully watched vicious dog on a chain with adjacent office Parking lot – he just toiled from boredom. The day was Sunny, Sunday, none of the order did not violate the Parking lot was completely empty. We were his only chance. From barking dog until abstained – today we are on his territory birdies have not shunned. But suddenly strict deafening bark still rang out.

I indignantly looked – and now that what doing hassling us. It turned out the culprits were barking we don’t. On the fence of the Parking forty and sat down silently at the dog looked impudently. Barked magpies his words rushed and answered the dog. It is just that and waited happily burst into a long, angry barking, completely cutting off the poor magpie decibels. Us this stint soon enough and we left the Playground.

Half an hour later I went out again into the yard. The show was still in full swing, but the alignment of forces has changed. A dozen magpies congregate in complete hysterics, masterfully dog barked in unison. The dog, putting a big smart head on his front paws, already did not participate in the discussion, apparently, lost his voice. He looked plaintively black eyes to this cruel world and it seemed that it was going to hold paws in their ears.


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