When Joe Maxwell and his wife saw the Maverick for the first time, he was skin and bones. Muscles, which consisted of a dog, was completely absent. The couple fell in love with this poor, what is love? Totally irrational feeling! They took him, and Maverick became part of their family.1

So, when a few years ago the dog was diagnosed with lymphoma, Maxwell has done everything to help four-legged friend to fight for life. The chemotherapy was successful.2

But we all know that cancer is a serious illness and she should wait for sophisticated guile.3

Cancer spares no one. No people, no animals. So in this case: two months ago, the disease returned, and obezdil dog.4

Maverick lost control of hind legs and could not stand up. The doctors assumed the cancer had taken over the back.5

Joe flatly refused to euthanize Maverick, though he said that caring for a dying dog is a difficult and thankless job, but the owner decided they were friends to the end! He loves the dog, but love is not only getting their cookies, it’s the ability to give something when the need arises.6

And Joe bought him a personal cart on which are placed the dying dog and took him around the city. So they were walking. In a small town, the man rolling the cart with lying and apathetic and silent dog, immediately attracted attention. News about this currency pair has spread, and without the Internet, and maybe with his help, who knows…7

And people began to approach them, and greet with the dog, stroke him and speak in a reassuring tone different the nice words.9

Happened a small miracle: Maverick lifted his head and barked! He greeted each approaching it man! Soon he began to wag his tail.

Maverick decided that the world was created in order to love him, and this idea he liked, even say – more than that: she has had a miraculous effect on his health!10

Once Maverick was lying on his bed, and the owner scratched his belly is favorite treatment of the dog, suddenly the Maverick reflex twitched the hind legs! Joe wrote on his Facebook page that he had rolled tears of joy.

Soon Maverick was able to sit, and the doctors say that it is hopeless, it would seem that the case comes remission, and they even could not imagine!

The dog returned control over the feet. And the vet said it was not cancer, and some degenerative nerve, which is “alive.”

And now the Maverick is becoming stronger every day. He still loves his ride, and people still are not too lazy to approach him and to greet the dog. Almost the entire city surrounded him and it woke the dog, the hidden reserves and the will to live!11

“We live in a good place, and we know how much a Maverick now means to other people, and we know that it took every bit of sympathy”.
The master and the other sick dog – Joe Maxwell is a big fellow. Good luck to them!12

And finally appeared on Facebook a photo with the caption: Good morning everyone! Look who’s sitting up today!

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