The lion, who was saved can’t sleep without a blanket

When employees Texas care center wild animals first saw the cub Lambert in June 2014, it was more like a puppy than a mighty lion. Illegally purchased by a family that wanted to support him, he desperately needed help. Therefore, the employees of the organization were happy to save the baby, taking it in the help centre for wild animals of Texas.the-lion-who-was-saved-cant-sleep-without-a-blanket-1

“The previous owners acquired it illegally and kept as a pet for their young children. The children wanted Simba after watching the cartoon “the lion King” and the family has decided that we will be able to contain the lion, but of course they were wrong and when the animals started having problems, I decided to give it to the animal.the-lion-who-was-saved-cant-sleep-without-a-blanket-2

Heard from previous owners that Lambert slept on the couch with his grandfather and therefore could not sleep in his cage”the-lion-who-was-saved-cant-sleep-without-a-blanket-3

Fortunately we quickly figured out how to solve this problem and put it in
one of the corners of the cell blanket. Lambert curled up on this plush piece of fabric and immediately fell asleep. Since then, I always give him a blanket”the-lion-who-was-saved-cant-sleep-without-a-blanket-4

Now Lambert 2 years and he still lives under the care of the center, because he can’t survive in the wildthe-lion-who-was-saved-cant-sleep-without-a-blanket-5

“He has land amounting to 650 square meters, where
enough space to run and which includes a covered area
so that he could lie down in the shade and to hide from the rain and
area with a pool which he loves to play”the-lion-who-was-saved-cant-sleep-without-a-blanket-6

“Despite the fact that Lambert is not a baby, he still sleeps with his favorite blanket”the-lion-who-was-saved-cant-sleep-without-a-blanket-7

Isn’t he cute?

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