Like a dog took revenge on his assailant

Retribution came in the spring! In our yard there lived a young dog of medium size, affectionate and friendly. We fed her. A neighbor from the 1st floor often was kicking her. He was told off, well it was useless.

And that’s when dog was pregnant, he kicked with all her strength with a boot to the stomach. To say how she whine for the whole yard is nothing to say! She immediately started to give birth, all puppies are born dead.

After that, the dog was gone until the spring. In the spring my neighbors were sitting on a bench and suddenly I saw that same dog healthy. She looked like a wolf! She sat in front of the entrance and waited. We tried to call her she did not answer, just lay down and waited.

Suddenly stood up, grinned at that time goes out of the house of her abuser. The leap was lightning-fast and right in his face, she tore it mercilessly, bit off his nose, ear, torn ligaments on his leg and on his right hand. It was all lightning fast. When he fell she ran away. In the yard were men, but no one intervened. No one wanted to help the flayer. And the dog in his rage was terrible.

After two months he was discharged from the hospital he no one sympathized with what he was left disabled, but on the contrary said that he deserved it. They sold the apartment and moved out.

And the dog we often remembered, but no one never saw her in our yard.
On earth the simple truth is that FOR EVERYTHING IN LIFE you HAVE to PAY!
Take care of yourself, help the weak, sick and unhappy animals and people and be happy yourself! Be healthy! (photos from Internet)like-a-dog-took-revenge-on-his-assailant