Kitty chooses a host in the park and not allow him to leave

Hina Kawasaki was walking home through the local Park when it ran up the crying kitten. Poor kitten followed him, not allowing him to leave. Eventually Hina suffered a tiny fluffy kitten home. Once home, the kitten immediately fell asleep.kitty-chooses-a-host-in-the-park-and-not-allow-him-to-leave



Now kitty named Vell 2.5 years. This couple even wipes together! It certainly was love at first sight.kitty-chooses-a-host-in-the-park-and-not-allow-him-to-leave4


She’s like my family,” said Hina.kitty-chooses-a-host-in-the-park-and-not-allow-him-to-leave6


I think that it also loves me. We will be together forever.”kitty-chooses-a-host-in-the-park-and-not-allow-him-to-leave8

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