Kitten in the pelvis

Kitten in the pelvis.

It’s a small but important episode in the life of a resourceful cat, living in China. Cat, probably in the evenings reading the classics. So he knew that “the rescue of drowning – the handiwork of drowning.” When there was a flood, erudite cat realized that I need to do is to look for the flotation device. And he found it.

It’s not a yacht, of course, but for the cat at the time. The cat jumped into the basin and swam. So smart cats are lucky, and when the patience of the newly-minted captain of the ship came to an end, the cat was noticed by the people!

Nice kitten got food, medical care and a warm place. In the end, the cat was dressed in a fur cloak, so he warmed considerably damp bones. Now this kitten in the pelvis became a celebrity on the Internet!!!kitten-in-the-pelvis-1kitten-in-the-pelvis-2kitten-in-the-pelvis-3

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