Kitten cured and taken home

It’s our Tomi. We were vacationing at the resort. Daughter found a tiny kitten with a horrible sick eyes. I went to the clinic, asked the cure to the eye, but they had nothing. Then I took just boiled water and washed his eyes. To let him go, the poor, the blind, the hand was raised. And sat with him in turn. We bought him a cream and he jumped on her so hard that he almost bit off her husband’s finger. Seen, was very hungry.

Then trying to attach it from local, but nobody was willing to take. He walked with us to the beach, in cafes, everywhere (i.e. went in my purse). Then we bought him a basket and took it home with me, carried in the train secretly.

At home we waited for the cat Froy. She at first was very dissatisfied with the arrival of small, bandy-legged, annoying kitten. But he did not give up, ran after her, trying to make friends, and she gave in and adopted him.
We took him to the vet, was treated with drops, and eyes recovered.

Now Tomi was Thomas. They with Froy love each other. He washes her, and she leaves him food (he still eats like a lifetime starving).
Thomas is incredibly charming cat. In the morning he makes me and my husband a massage ( gets on his stomach and trampled), asks to feed. Froy and purrs. We love them!kitten-cured-and-taken-home





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