Kitten and chick

  One day we took her cat – is not a cat, but not a kitten – to the country. A kind of cat teenager with long legs and a children’s enthusiastic expression. I was engaged in cropping strawberry and saw nothing around. Suddenly the bird flew in front of me, and it is almost on the ground, then second.

From a distance, I heard a loud bird clamor and continued to work until until right at my face did not appear a few birds, very loud screaming something. I looked up to see what kind of commotion and saw – right in front of a small cat bravely put inexperienced chick feathers, and cat frantically looking at him and seem afraid of him.

And all the birds were loud yell – save our baby !! I took a chick and handed neighbor, who put him on the grass at home. And then the whole flock of bird calmed down and flew away from me …      What is this if not intelligence – contact the difficult time to man for help..kitten-and-chick

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