James died from drugs, when his life appeared cat

Sister and her husband kicked the guy out of the house. The life of a street musician and solitude led him to despair. In the life of a young man was decisive turn, when five years ago he saw at the entrance on the North London red street cat. The animal was injured and bleeding.

James took the cat home, spent all his remaining money for treatment of the animal and left him. I spent three years Bowen street, has not yet received from the municipality a small apartment. James tried to let the cat loose, but he refused to escape from his new master. And even followed him to “work”. Sat next to me while Bowen entertained passersby by singing with a guitar in Covent garden.

The cat gradually learned a few tricks. And it immediately increased the fees. Noticed a couple of amazing literary agent, Mary Panchos, and invited James to write a book. Six months worked Bowen. Good luck and here smiled at him. The book became a bestseller, was translated into 18 languages and has already brought good money. And now there are negotiations about the Hollywood film adaptation of this story.

“I owe everything to him”, – says the musician. Now I have the money to pay the debts and to see my mom who lives in Australia. “But most importantly, I have a family now,” adds James. (From the article about his book.) Musician, descended to the bottom, and red cat, was on the street, their fate would be very sad, but one day they met and helped each other. Bob found home, and James learned responsibility and started a new life.james-died-from-drugs-when-his-life-appeared-cat