Beautiful and graceful, brave and courageous, it is called the king of beasts lion.1

In Ancient Egypt it was considered a sacred animal. The Egyptians worshiped strength and power of this amazing animal. And in the middle Ages many prominent nobles had a coat of arms with his image, and their houses were decorated with figures of this animal.

On Earth it is impossible to meet two similar lions. The muzzle of this animal is similar to human fingerprints: unique and inherent only to one animal.2

Lions deserve an honorable second place in the ranking of most big cats. The length of the Leo male can reach up to two and a half meters, and its weight is 300 kg. the Lioness is smaller and lighter. And newborn cubs weigh only a few pounds.

In the race of lions is good at short distances, where they can reach the speed of 80 km per hour. At large distances they are not as nimble, and if the victim is more hardy, will be able to get away from them. The height of the jump of a lion can reach up to 3 meters.3

The idiom “lion’s heart” means knightly valor and courage. Although the size of the lion has the smallest heart among all predators. Adult lions have 30 teeth. And although size is huge, it does not always help to cope with the huge piece of meat, and the lion swallows him whole, without chewing.4

The claws of a lion – large, about 7 cm. visual Acuity Lviv in the night about 6 times more than humans.

Interesting fact. Lions its roar can drive a person to panic. Powerful roar of an adult is posted almost 8 km, Although up to two years lions can’t roar.

Puberty lions happens at the age of 5 years, and females in 4 years. Lions are particularly loving and able to “make love” all year round. Statistics show that on average, lions in a week mate up to 300 times.5

Lions live in prides, which dominates the main male surrounded by several females. Females live longer than males. This is due to the fact that the old lions are often expelled from the pride. And single lions often die. On average lions live about 20 years.

Next to the well-fed lion, other animals can feel safe. On a full stomach the “king of beasts” hunt will not. Lions are the real couch potatoes – they sleep 20 hours a day.6

Despite the fact that lions are predators, they are very doting mother and affectionate with each other. Individuals of the same pride as greetings rub against each other with their snouts. And cubs feeding with milk is not only the mother, but other females in the lactation period.7

An interesting fact that in captivity, lions interbreed with their closest relatives – tigers. The baby from the father lion and mother tiger is called lign.

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