inseparable friends

Elena is the landlady of the couple said about them. Bulka – Metis. Her mom is French bulldog, father is not known. Elena, loving, Bulku called a mongrel. Plato normal outdoor cat. When Helen brought home a little Bulka, we have been worrying about how the cat will accept the dog?

The cat in the house was an old-timer. Fortunately, Plato this turn of events was very pleased. From the first day the cat began to treat Bulge, like a little sister. Plato and Bulka became inseparable: they played together, ate, slept, walked on the street.

Amazing friendship between a puppy and a cat grew and got stronger every day. They never parted. Over time, Bulka grew up and became much more my friend. But it did not affect their friendship. When Bulka became a mother and gave birth to several puppies, Plato immediately turned into a moustached nanny for her kids.

With incredible love and devotion a cat nursed puppies. Since then, Elena brought home a little Bulka, it’s been a few years. But so far the cat and dog friends do not pour water!inseparable-friends-1









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