In the box for donations was found abandoned kitten with unusual coloring

In the box for donations to the Salvation Army discovered a small kitten, the color of which is very reminiscent of a gentleman’s mustache. The staff’s attention was attracted by loud meowing, finding the kitten, they contacted the cat shelter.

It turned out that the kitten was found when the staff opened the box to collect donations, to extract money. They had no idea who put it there, how long he was there, falling on him, discharged into the donations box.

When they found him and called the shelter, one of four volunteers, volunteered to help, came to pick him up. Contact with the kitten people said that he was very friendly and ran towards the people who came in the door.

Now Sally Ann — the so-called cat — all good. Her first time had been vaccinated, sterilized it and did research on the disease, which showed that she is healthy. According to the staff of the shelter, the cat is friendly and affectionate, despite the trials she’s faced from the very beginning of his



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