In Bosnia, the man rescued the puppy

The man rushed to protect the animal, which unknown threw into the river. The incident occurred in the city of Banja Luka, located on the territory of Bosnia, when Sasha Makivik made daily Bicycle trips. Suddenly, the man heard the whining of an animal. Makivik stopped to check, whether was heard to him.

The cyclist saw a puppy thrown into the icy water. The animal couldn’t get out, not only because of the extreme cold, paralyzing his limbs, but the rope which he was tied to a big rock.

The event happened early in the morning, when the temperature did not exceed 10 degrees Celsius. Given the fact that the dog was almost on the shore, her intended left it so that during the afternoon high tide the animal slowly petered out.

Makivik was shocked by such brutality. When the man approached the puppy, he noticed his body multiple injuries. Before dropping the dog to certain destruction, unknown pretty beat up. The cyclist carefully untied the puppy on a rope, then pulled it out of the water.

The man realized that he can’t help the animal, so took him to the nearest veterinary shelter. Due to the lack of the ability to take the puppy yourself, Makivik appealed to the “Dog community of Banja Luka which is engaged in the housing search for homeless dogs.
Information was also delivered to the police.

At the moment, the police opened a criminal case on the fact of cruel treatment of animals. Animal rights activists believe that the act of cruelty to the puppy made some of the

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