I hear a cricket

 The American was walking with his friend the Indian by a crowded street in new York city. Indian suddenly exclaimed that she could hear a cricket!
American, casting a glance full of people at rush hour Central city street. Everywhere scurried cars, worked as builders, head over to flying planes.
The Indian went to flower beds, broken in front of a fancy building some institutions. Then he bent down, parted the leaves of plants and showed his friend the cricket, chirping blithely and rejoicing life.
The American was surprised and assumed that their friend has a fantastic ear. The Indian said that it was not in the hearing. It all depends on what we are.
The American said he doesn’t believe in it.
Then the Indians scattered along the side of the sidewalk a handful of coins.
Immediately passersby started turning heads and reached into their pockets to check whether they woke up the money.criket

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