Hungry bear fell asleep in the pizzeria

Employees of the pizzeria in Colorado springs, USA, found bear asleep on a shelf in the utility room.

Where originally appeared the animal is unknown, however, even before the incident with the pizza place he was seen near the local College, which the students almost had an unplanned day off.

However, before the alert is not reached: when the bear found sleeping on the shelf in the pizzeria, it was found that he hardly poses a threat to humans. The animal looked emaciated and one of his legs was found the wound. As a result the bear was sent to a veterinary clinic for rehabilitation.

“When the wound heals, and the animal will gain weight, we release it back into the wild”, — said the employee of environmental services Matt Robbins. According to him, the bear is likely to be in the area one trace of the cub’s mother to find so far failed.hungry-bear-fell-asleep-in-the-pizzeria

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