Hummingbird a year pursuing the dog who saved her

The bird bathes in dog bowl, and never for a moment does not leave his Savior alone.

A year ago the Rex not every venture would be approached. This cute little dog was holding at Bay the entire district. But once the heart of the most severe cacalifornia melted a tiny bird.

– That day we walked, and suddenly Rex stopped dead in my tracks. On the ground before him lay Hummingbird – says the owner of the dog ed Gernon.

At first, the man decided that to try to save, covered with ants, half dead bird makes no sense. Rex was of a different opinion. He refused to even move until the ed took a Hummingbird.hummingbird-a-year-pursuing-the-dog-who-saved-her

The smallest birds in the world and still considered to be the most voracious. One day, this baby eats up to 14 times its weight. And ed was faced with the need to feed that hungry mouth a five centimeter. Another batch of sugar syrup requires the bird every 15 minutes, writes CBS.

But it’s not so bad. Rex we have a lot worse. Hummingbirds though he had not heard about personal space and leisure needs. All the time she flies around the dog’s muzzle, calling playalmost around the clock pursues his savior.hummingbird-a-year-pursuing-the-dog-who-saved-her2

Hummingbird shamelessly turned the bowl of Rex in your bathroom
Necessary to pay tribute to Rex – a dog decided that he was responsible for that which we have tamed. So I do not become rude annoying neighbor. Moreover, he agreed to share with her his bowl, despite the fact that she quite shamelessly began it wash.

Almost a year later the bird still lives in the house ed. He has repeatedly asked her to leave the “nest”, but it was not there. She stubbornly pretends not to notice the open Windows and doors. But the most surprising that and Rex, and ed is just crazy annoying and voracious guest. And dread the day when she wants at will.hummingbird-a-year-pursuing-the-dog-who-saved-her3