Huge dog becomes a nanny for two kittens

Despite the fact that their lives began in very difficult conditions (threw them in a dumpster at the age of weeks) these kittens made a “soft landing”. On the furry belly of the big dog.Kathleen Burkhart was among the people who discovered the abandoned kittens – six orphans who found a Savior.

Two found a home at Kathleen’s in Atlanta (GA), and with it the guardian (one year old St. Bernard).
“Guinness loves kittens to death,” says Caitlin. “He follows them everywhere and is constantly monitoring them.”

He is very careful with kids. “Despite this, we constantly monitor his actions, because he has huge paws, one careless blow which can kill kittens,” says Caitlin. Stud muffin and Cali – couple, which will remain in the house forever Barchart. And for them is the best thing that could happen.

Now the kittens get the tender love and care which they were deprived at birth. The dog named Guinness.huge-dog-becomes-a-nanny-for-two-kittens




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